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This page is where I have moved many of the pages that referenced Koi and Watergardens.

Prior to 2007 most of the items on these pages pertained to the Tree Mainenance and Landscaping Business.  We specialized in koi, watergardens, and koi ponds.

Here I will place items like many of the koi photos that I took over the years.  I also like to travel and have some good photos that I have taken at other locations.   Some are good, some maybe not so good.  A few are very good.

First the koi photos will go on this page


these are the notes for the photos above sort and rewrite as needed.

We no longer have these koi but they were in our main pond.  The two butterfly are Andy who is the male and Mistress who is the female.  These two koi are the ones I bred from for almost ten years.  They always produce some beautiful babies.  Some of their young are still in the pond and have become really pretty. These and others were sold in the Spring of 2009.   If you want to use any of my photos, just contact me at
jmcneary(remove this)@gmail.com.  We sold almost all of our koi and plants to Oakdale Greenhouses of Charlotte.
Also see a few more photos from our collection below.  I have lots of pretty nice photos of koi and plan to take more as time allows

Yamabuki butterfly koi is about 22 inches long and I had him for years.  The Sanke is one from Quality Koi, and I particularly like the lightning strike on the nose.  When he arrived, I said I needed that one for my own pond

Lightning is in this photo also, but a really fine fish is the Kujaku on the right.  This is turning into a very fine specimen.  In front of the koi is a willow oak leaf floating on the water.  The leaf should be two or more inches long which will give you an idea how large these fish are.



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